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I reccomend mummies to be between 33 and 35 weeks as this is when you a have a nice round belly that really shows baby off, but if you feel your baby belly is perfectly round before this time then we can book it sooner.



At home - I will use a few different rooms in the house - master bedroom, nursery, front room. You can include include partners and siblings.


Location - We can head out to a favourite family location of yours, beach, country walk, or I can suggest a few pretty places.





For an in-home session if you are comfortable showing skin and baby bump I would suggest a chunky cardigan with a soft bra like a calvin kline style crop bra with short knickers - silky dressing gown, or soft white shirt.

If you would prefer to stay covered you can wear leggings with a stretchy long vest top - something that shows your silhouette and baby bump      


Location shoot, depending on the time of year.  In winter wrap up warm, bring a big coat - we can always take it off for photos and put it back on in between.  It is important to be comfortable and warm, as long as you have something stretchy over baby bump to show bump off.


For Summer sessions - floaty dresses are lovely as they show some movement in the photos.






I allow time for feeds and settling. Sessions are super natural so we just go with flow of baby between 1-2 hours




Sleepsuit or babygrow is great and a classic white vest works well to capture the tiny toes and hands.





Then great, we capture some fun wide awake shots. I do not use posing in buckets or baskets so I do not need your baby to be fast alseep. I may swaddle your baby with a stretchy wrap (which they love) but nothing that requires any major posing.





There is something so beautiful about the bond of a newborn baby and their parents, I didnt have any photos taken of me and my daughter when she was first born, this is a big regret of mine.


I completely get it... you just had a baby the last thing you want to do is sit in front of camera. This is 100% your choice but I can still capture the essence of that bond without you fully being in the pictures.

It is something you will look back on and feel real emotion, believe me you won't care what you looked like.






Pastel colours work great together, whites, grays, creams, blues, pinks - you dont have to be matchy matchy

so if you are more of a bright colour family then awesome this works too!  Just try to go all bright or all pastel.


I do tell my clients no big logos or writing on tops as this helps keep the images really timeless.


But most importantly I want you to feel like you...if you are not comfortable it shows.




Familly sessions will take between 1 hr and 1hr 30mins, this allows me time to chat to you and your children so we are comfortable.  I don't just turn up and get my camera out and start shooting.





Having a camera pointed in your face is the most unnatural thing to some children, that is why for in home sessions before I get my camera out I ask the child if he/she wants to show me his or her room and maybe their favourite toy. I like to build a bit of trust .





In home sessions -

The best natural photos with the most authentic and genuine reactions are when a family are doing something really normal, so I encourage you to play your favourite game, maybe do some baking, play in the garden, or read a book together be chief den builder's.


Anything that you normally do at home, that takes your minds off of being in front of the camera and allows me a capture a real glimpse of your family. I will also incorporate some fun group family shots.










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